IBMWR-kive BMW roundel.

Material taken from IBMWR mailing-list postings circa 1997-1998, plus private e-mails.  Many thanks to the contributors.

FAQs/General Info
The official patch

The J-Light (click for more) Model-Specific Info K100 playing GS at top of Mt Benito, 11/97 Technical/Repair/Maintenance Electrical

Travel and Touring

I don't save too many of these -- people often have them on their own websites!

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If you use and/or like this page, let me know, and I'll put more effort into maintaining it.  At present, it's mostly for my own reference.  A search feature would be really useful, for example, but I haven't gotten 'round to implementing that, yet.  (I have an advantage: I can run a "find" program on the files on my PC :-)

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