J-Light!  J-Light Motorcycle Safety Light    J-Light!  

Supplementary lighting for your October riding needs!

Lights OFF
Lights off -- motorcycle parked.
Lights ON!
Lights on!  Night view.
Close-up view
Close-up of J-Light.

  • Wired to parking light -- lit when you ride!
  • Kids love it!
  • High visibility bright orange color!

El-Cheapo Construction
$1.98 battery-powered Jack-O-Lantern from Target.
Couple feet of cheapo lamp cord.
Spare #89 tail-lamp bulb soldered to wire.
Radio Shack quick-connector for power hookup.
Bulb opening expanded using pliers and Brute ForceTM.
Back of pumpkin & light bulb sealed by duct tape.
Piece of velcro attaches it to bag.

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