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The author in his pressurized space suit

San Francisco Area Motorcycle Shops

There are some scooter listings here, too.  Somewhere behind Berkeley CA


Bay Area "Regular" Rides

SF Area Insurance

Tame the Iron Horse (CMSP)

Rider Training and Safety

Author's former K100RS

BMW Resources/Clubs/Info

Be sure to check the Motorcycle Gear Page and parts & accessories for your Beemer!

Miscellaneous Useful and/or Interesting


(No, not sidecars -- "hacks" in the computer geek sense, i.e., clever [?] pieces of work. Use at your own risk.)

Fine print: Day codes are M-F=Mon-Fri, S=Sat, U=Sun. Provided as a public service, and also a quick-reference for myself to print out and carry with me :-). None of these links is an endorsement. YMMV. Ride with your head, not over it. Corrections/additions are welcome. Enjoy!

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