if one of these bottles should happen to fall- jersey songs by tris mccall
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A Girl With a Gun  (I'll do whatever you want Just don't hurt the kids Because they're innocent)
Dear Governor Kean   (No words, no flesh, his flag's done wove)
Fire, Fire  (There is no hell, no hell to my Defire For all ye Rivers backward Flye)
Had Too Much Sugar  (Nothing wrong with us we can't fix in the schoolyard)
He's a Sagittarius  (So we learn to move with the utmost unction)
Hung By a Jury of My Peers  (Right when you're trying to make sense of it all)
I Can't Get Up Out of My Chair  (I do try to be small and demure )
Identification, Please  (I would take you there if you would understand)
It's Not the Money, It's the Principle  (Everybody in the state You don't stop)
Janie Abstract  (Blind ride through West New York on liar's holiday.)
Lite Radio is My Kryptonite  (Why not fill your days with joy?)
Mad About Us  (Well the rain pours down on everyone)
Missing You  (And I wonder who you're kissing while I'm missing you)
The Miseducation of Tris McCall  (Who counts the cops on Grove Street?)
The New Jersey Department of Public Works  (Working together Insuring our future)
The Popularity Contest  (All alone out on Times Square Watching the tape go by)
The View From New Jersey  (They're all waiting for their real lives to begin)



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