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Wanglang is in a mountainous area ranging in elevation from 2,430 to 4,980 meters (7,533 to 15,438 feet). These mountains, which are in the transition zone between the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau and the Sichuan Basin, were formed by uplifting, folding, and earthquake activity. Huge landslides beneath the towering peaks attest to recent earthquake activity.


There are many species of trees, shrubs, grasses, ferns, and other plants at Wanglang. Spruce, larch, fir, pine, cedar, and birch are common trees. Parts of Wanglang were logged in the 1950's, and the staff tells fascinating stories about the Reserve's efforts to reclaim the logged areas. Old growth timber, hundreds of years old, still grow in the higher elevations. Visitors can walk through rhododendron forests and towering pines to high mountain passes. A species list of plants in the Reserve is available at the Wanglang Forest Lodge.


Wildlife in Wanglang


Giant Panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca), an endangered species.


Takin (budorcas taxicolor), an endangered species.


Golden Snub-nosed Monkey (rhinopithecus roxellarae),

an endangered species.


Wanglang Reserve was established to protect the giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca). By protecting pandas and their habitat, the reserve also protects other wildlife that live in the area. The golden snub-nosed monkey (rhinopithecus roxellarae), the takin (budorcas taxicolor), and the leopard cat (panthera pardus) are three threatened species that live in the forests and meadows of Wanglang. Other mammals at Wanglang include bear, fox, various wild cats, lynx, red panda, musk deer, blue sheep, and picas. A species list of animals in the area is available at the Wanglang Forest Lodge


Birds in Wanglang Many birds inhabit or migrate through Wanglang. A bird list containing common and rare species is available at the Wanglang Forest Lodge.


Published by Wanglang Nature Reserve, Sichuan Province, China.

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