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At this time of year, people often ask themselves: "Will my team make the NCAAs even if they bomb out in the conference tournament?" or "What do we have to do to get a bye in the first round?" One can already look at the current PairWise Rankings on USCHO, or use our "You Are the Committee" page to figure out how the tournament seedings would probably shake out using the current pairwise comparisons. But of course, when the dust has settled, the final pairwise comparisons will contain results that haven't occurred yet. Now, by using the form below, you can consider a possible set of outcomes for the conference tournaments, and see what the selection criteria would look like if they occurred. The form will send you off to the "You Are the Committee" script, but your hypothetical results will be added to the real ones before beginning.

The remaining games in the five conference tournaments are listed below. For each game, check the button next to the hypothetical winning team. You can leave the winner unspecified, but keep in mind that

  1. The season won't actually end that way;

  2. If you try to specify the results of a later game, the script might be unable to identify the winner and loser of that game.

If you have a browser that supports tables, you might like to try our tournament bracket interface instead.

WCHA tournament:

ECAC tournament:

CCHA tournament:

Hockey East tournament:

MAAC tournament:

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