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This script uses the results and conference affiliations of the 1998-1999 season, or you can use the extremely user-unfriendly DIY what-if interface to see how the pairwise comparisons would have changed if the game results had been otherwise.

Ever want to tell a division I hockey team where to go? Well, few people hold the power of the Men's Division I Ice Hockey Championships Selection Committee, but we now know enough about the process they'll use to seed the NCAA tournament to play along at home.

Enter these interactive web pages. Using the following forms, you'll be able to go through the selection process, based on the explanation given to Adam Wodon of US College Hockey Online by selection committee chair Joe Marsh himself, along with the changes to the selection procedure announced by the NCAA since then.

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with the NCAA, so these pages reflect only my understanding of the process, and are not to be taken as an official statement of how the selection will be done. I have, however, been in touch with them to check my assumptions wherever possible.

Step One: Automatic bids

The winners, listed below, of the regular season and tournament championships in each of the four established conferences are given automatic bids to the NCAAs.

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               WCHA           CCHA           ECAC         Hockey East
RS Champs      North Dakota    Mich State    Clarkson    New Hampshire
Tourney Champs Denver U        Michigan      Clarkson    Boston Coll

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