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 Household Recycling and Disposal in San Francisco 

(Or: "Where can I dump this stuff? Somebody ought to recycle this!")

Bottles in front of Cosmos bar, the Mission This is a brief guide to responsible disposal of waste and unwanted items. All too often, I see people throwing things in the trash that could be recycled or reused somehow. Mainly, I think it's because they are unaware of their options. This page seeks to provide that information.

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Residential Recycling in SF

San Francisco has a curbside recycling program, involving a (blue) bin or (grey) container for comingled recyclable cans and bottles. Paper and cardboard get tied or bagged. This gets picked up the same day as regular garbage. For info on this, call 415-330-CURB.

The trash/recycling pick-up people can be picky about what they will recycle. Sometimes this violates common sense: They will not officially accept a type 2 plastic jar, but will accept a type 2 plastic bottle. If cardboard is not cut up and bundled to their specifications, they may leave it.

There are scavengers who come at night and will sort through your bin, taking the saleable items (esp. cans and bottles) to sell to wholesale recycling agents.

Specific Items and How To Dispose of Them Responsibly

(See below at [Resources] for locations of places mentioned. Also, since this page was created, the city itself has produced a site covering the same topic.)

Resources and Locations

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