Computer Magazines    

I've grouped them into the following:

  1. Trade Magazines (Free)
  2. Magazines Worth Paying For
  3. Clone-Building and -Buying Guides
  4. Magazines That May (Or May Not) Be Worth Paying For
(See also: Yahoo's Computer Magazines index.)


Tip: These are trade magazines.  They are supported by their advertisers.  When filling out Free Subscription Forms, the odds of receiving a magazine are directly proportional to your purchasing authority.
Note: Miller Freeman has many, many trade publications for other industries.

Clone-Building and -Buying Guides

Magazines Worth Paying For

Tip: Students and educators and those claiming to be such can get juicy discounts on many of these through American Educational Services, Lansing MI, 800/748-0039.

Magazines Maybe Worth Paying For

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