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So, you've bought a house in San Francisco. Congratulations. Get ready for some changes. To give you an idea of what you're in for, we hereby present our

Guide to the SF Homeowner Mentality

Vacations are spent hikingYosemiteHome Depot
Comes crashing down dailyWindows 95Window sash
Cocktail party chit-chatGossipContractors
Keeping up with the JonesesAutomobile EnvyKitchen Envy
Dispenser of reassuring pabulumTherapistGeneral Contractor
Anniversary presentTrip to HawaiiRoof
Savior in times of needMessiahPlumber
Source of creative inspirationSFMOMAArchitectural Digest
Authority figure to be avoidedMotorcycle CopBuilding Inspector
Can't live with 'em; can't shoot 'emBelligerent SpouseBelligerent Tenant
Worst nightmareBankruptcyDryrot
Check daily to see how badly you're doingE*

Got House?

Apartment/Tenant Brokering Services

Landlord/Tenant Relations

Local Housing Issues

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